Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snapdragons Crackle

Donal Mahoney

Snapdragons crackle
in the air for Maura
and her flowing gait,

a swagger neither Nora
nor Maureen would ever
let a suitor savor.

Maura knows
that in her wake
men with scythes

and burlap sacks,
creep like gators,
eyes afire, jaws agape.

Nora and Maureen
can smell these men.
Unlike Maura

and her flowing gait,
Nora and Maureen will smile,
take their time and wait.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Approbations 449—after Mal Waldron’s Nervous

Felino Soriano

Deportation my
silence erupts
innate, cloistered closure
my tongue aptly denies
commentary, collocated
ending rivalry with reflectional
depictions of mind’s wandering
unaccepted glory.
Démodé moments
those of temporal
deceiving modes of a life’s
unlived hitherto, inebriating
slurs of rhythmic devotion
my doorknocker knees
clash and destroy
pivotal enjoyment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ross Vassilev

of gone empires
in the opiate
of fakirs and sages

gone religions
are mountain flowers
while the faiths
of Abraham
wait to join them
in eternal sleep

the only constant
is the rape of the people
and the blood-red
poppies at the doors
of the angels.